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 It is great to share news of the safe arrival of our fifth grandchild. For new pictures click here.Thanks for visiting my web page. I hope you find the contents interesting.  I am researching my family history and would be keen to hear from you if you think we might be related. You can click here to see my family tree going back to my great, great Grandfather. I am interested in learning more about different branches of my family. Are you linked through, Berry, Kirkman, Roper, Gregory, Holl, Woodburn or any other name that links in with my family tree either on the Sankey or Roper side? If you think you might be related to me in some way do get in touch through the 'contact Steve' link.

 I am married to Sue and have three children, Peter, Hannah and Rebecca. I am a Methodist minister and Sue is a teacher. I am a Chaplain at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. I am reflecting on my experiences of Christian Ministry in a non-church setting on my blog, which you can find here. I have been a Methodist Minister since 1989 serving in Wolsatanton and Audley, Midsomer Norton and Swindon and Marlborough Circuits.